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Fun Night out at the Shrewsbury Club

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light saber
Come enjoy a fun night of learning some light saber techniques, play some fun light saber games and enjoy some pizza.

Come enjoy a fun night of learning some nunchaku techniques with our awesome glow chux! play some fun glow chux games and enjoy some pizza.

COVID policy
New Shrewsbury Club COVID Procedures
Checking into the club for all:
• When arriving at the club you will be required to wear a mask.
• When checking in and moving around the club you are required to stay at least 6 feet away from other patrons. Please follow the floor markings when checking in. Please wait if someone is in front of you and stay back.
• At arrival you will be required to sanitize at the front desk before scanning. Then you will be asked to scan in.
• After sanitation your temperature will be checked by the front desk member of staff, using a laser thermometer. If your temperature is normal you will be granted entry. If not, you will be asked to leave and advised to seek medical advice.

1. Social Distancing & Traffic Flow
• You are required to stay at least 6 feet away from other patrons. Please wait if someone is in front of you and stay back.
• Cardio and Gym equipment has been spread out. The Cardio equipment has had every other machine closed to ensure social distancing. There is a closed machine between each working machine.
• Group Ex classes are limited. Class schedule has been reduced. Size of class is limited to no more than 9 in a class. The floors have X’s to show you your allotted space. ALL group ex participants will sign in upon arrival. Once we have 9 participants the class will be closed. The Group Ex Schedule will be on our website by June 29th and changes will be posted on Facebook as and if they are made.
• All parents have been politely asked to drop off children and wait outside in their cars rather than congregate around our viewing windows. Viewing will be strictly limited and social distancing spaces for those viewing will be enforced
• The club floors are marked for social distancing and flow. All chairs have been spread out or removed. Please do not move chairs to congregate. Please only travel in the direction the arrows show or that you are directed.
• Tennis entry will no longer be through the gym but down the viewing hall, then down the stairs by the far racquetball courts.
Gymnastics & baseball down the central stair next to the desk.
• Fitness floor entrance is down the short stairs as normal from the lobby area.

2. Temperature Checks
• All staff and members will have their temperature checked by laser thermometer upon arrival
• Staff and campers will have their temp checked in addition multiple times through the day.
No one with a high temp will be permitted entry into the club

3. Wear Your Mask
• All members and guests will be required to wear their mask when checking in.
• Masks must be worn walking to and from work out areas, tennis courts, baseball fields, gymnastics floors, or any other area of the club.
• Masks are advised for all waiting for instruction while in work out areas or in any area while not actively participating.
• The front desk will have spare masks

4. Sanitization
• All members and Guests will be required to sanitize their hands before scanning in at the front desk check in. In addition, there are also sanitization stations as you enter all workout area.
• All members and guests will be required to sanitize workout equipment before and after use. multiple additional spray bottles and wipes will be on hand on the gym floor.
• A team of cleaners has deep cleaned the club while we have been closed.
• Our house keeping team will be in the club during prime time.
• Our staff will be required to clean anything they use with clients, and the clean when they are not busy.
• Club Tennis balls are only to be touched by instructors and sanitized daily.
• All Tennis score boards have been taken down.
• Gymnastics Equipment is wiped down after every use.
• Baseballs are sanitized daily.
• Every night all fitness equipment is sprayed down with disinfectant.
• All Gymnastics crash mats are disinfected every other day and wiped down multiple times every day.

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