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For Grades K - Grade 6 
Our enthusiastic and creative counselors will engage your kids in a variety of fun activities throughout the summer.  Every day is a new adventure; sports, games, water play, crafts, science and cooking projects, playground fun, and more!  Kids are placed in groups by grade and planned activities are safe and age appropriate.  Older kids enjoy separate fun from younger children.  The program runs from 8am - 5pm. 
Week 1 July 5 - 7: No Field trip – carnival week
Week 2 July 10 - 14: Wednesdays field Trip for grades 3 - 6: Roger Williams Zoo
Week 3 July 17 - 21: Wednesdays field Trip for grades 3 - 6: EcoTarium
Week 4 July 24 - 28: Wednesdays field Trip for grades 3 - 6: Kimball Farms
Week 5 July 31 - Aug. 4: Wednesdays field Trip for grades 3 - 6: Canobie Lake Park
Week 6 Aug 7 - 11: Wednesdays field Trip for grades 3 - 6: Boundless Adventures
Week 7 Aug 14 - 18: Wednesdays field Trip for grades 3 - 6: Water Country
Changes from last year:
The program will only be taking kids going into grades K - 6

  • Registration opens February 2nd at and in our office at 63 Main Street. Registration is ongoing until space fills. Registration closes the Monday before each session begins.
  • Non-residents are welcome, no additional fees.
  • Full Day Cost: $265/week for the first child; $245/week second child; $220/third child (Prorated cost for July 3rd week)
  • Field trip Cost: $45/week/Child (only for kids in Grades 3 - 6)
  • Registrations must be paid in full at the time of registration: All weeks must be paid in full at the time of registration. Please register on our website or contact our office at 393-5034.
  • Refunds & Withdrawals: The deadline to withdraw from the summer program and receive a full refund is May 1st. May 2 - June 1st you can cancel with a $10/week cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued after that June 1st.
  • (NEW) May 2 - June 1st you can cancel with a $10/week cancellation fee.
  • We no longer need Immunizations: All medical questions will be asked when you register your child online

What Does A Typical Day at the Summer Program Look Like?
What does a typical day at the Summer Program look like? As children arrive, they will be greeted by the Program director and will be directed to their group leader. Each grade group has their own space to start their day and say hello to friends (or be introduced to new ones). Each group will then discuss the day’s upcoming fun.

Grades K-6: Upon arriving kids will sign up for afternoon activities. Each grade will then participate in morning activities which will include snack time. After lunch, the kids are separated into groups by the activity they have chosen (older kids have different choices than younger). Daily activities include indoor/outdoor play, gym games, arts & crafts, sports, science projects, no-bake cooking activities, and more!

We pride ourselves on hiring the best staff: All of our counselors are trained to work with children, are CPR/First Aid certified, and references and background checks have been obtained.

More Information
Grades: For kids going into Grades K to entering 6th grade in Fall 2023.

Location: Lincoln St Elementary, 76 Lincoln St. (weeks 1-7)

Days/Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Field Trips: Field Trips: Kids in 3-6th grade will attend a weekly field trip, (You must sign up separately for field trips). Field trips will be on Wednesdays, with a rain date of Thursday if needed. If you or your child chooses not to go on the field trip they can stay at the program for the day. Grades K - 2 will enjoy a visit from a professional entertainer once a week.

Summer Program policies
Our program is housed at Lincoln Street Elementary all summer. We are an active program, utilizing the school cafeteria, gyms, classrooms, and outside spaces (tennis courts, basketball courts, playground, etc). Lincoln St has an air filtration system that makes most rooms feel air conditioned. We do our best to keep our kids comfortable, including implementing water activities to keep cool, and more.

Our program runs from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday, for 7 weeks during the summer. The program is for kids going into grades K-6. Kids (grades 3 – 6) will have the option to go to the field trips on Wednesdays for an additional price. Weekly in-house entertainment will be offered to Grades K – 2 during the week.

• Comfortable clothes appropriate for lots of activity, no loose jewelry
• Sneakers: flip-flops can be brought in backpacks for water days and water parks but are not safe for everyday program. Flip-flops, sandals, crocs, open-toe shoes, etc., can cause accidents when kids are running.
• Sunscreen: Please apply sunscreen before program each day and provide sunscreen for your child to re-apply midday. Spray is best for the young kids.

• First day only-please give medications (ex. Epi-pen) that your child will need during the hours he/she will be at program. All medications need to be in their original packaging with Rx info attached. Please note that you will need to submit a completed “Authorization to Administer Medications” form prior to the start of program, which can be found at on our program’s page.
• Backpack
• Refillable water bottle
• A lunch, we will have microwaves available to heat up meals.
• Two snacks: One snack each for morning break and afternoon break (Please pack extra food, it is a very active day and children typically eat more).
• Sunscreen that kids can self-apply.
• Grades 6-8 will be allowed to use cell phones during lunch and snack times only. However, this privilege will be revoked if abused.
• We are not responsible for lost personal items.

• NO video games, electronics, toys, including trading/gaming cards; personal belongings may be lost or damaged, and in some cases, cause conflict with other kids.
• NO objects that might be harmful to others
• NO glass bottles
• NO medication unless as directed above
• NO Gum

• Time: Drop off begins at 8am, however, for activity planning purposes, please drop off by 9am.
• Please allow a few extra minutes on Monday mornings. Upon entering, you will find the Director at the registration table. Please sign your child in with the name of the person that will be picking them up. Your child will then be directed to their grade group and their group leader.
• Please give any medications and special instructions to the Director at Drop-off. All medications need to be in their original packaging with Rx info attached. Please note that you will need to submit a completed “Authorization to Administer Medications” form prior to the start of program, which can be found at on our program page.
• Dropping off at Lincoln Street School (76 Lincoln St): enter through the cafeteria door of the school at the front of the building. Please be sure to park in the school’s parking lots and proceed with caution (lots of kids coming in and out). Both locations will be marked with our program signs.

• The pick-up person is designated at drop off each morning when you sign your child in for the day.
• This person must be at least 18 years old. Identification will be required in cases where staff do not recognize the pick-up person such as if it is their first time picking up.
• If you need to add a new pick-up person to your list once program has started, please contact the Director or Recreation Office. 508-393-5034
• Program pick up is no later than 5pm. The school will physically close at 5pm, so please do not be late.
• Late pick-up policy: A warning will be given the first time, but fees will be incurred for the second time and thereafter. Fees will be $10/child for the first five minutes and $1 per child per minute after that. This is pay the overtime for staff and the school custodian.
• Late pick-up protocol: on the rare occasion that we are unable to reach any of the parents/guardians/adults listed on the emergency contact sheet, the Program Director will follow the following protocol: At 5:30pm, with all listed contacts being called at least twice, the Program Director will call the Recreation Director to inform her of the situation. If we are still unable to reach anyone, the Program Director will call the police. The police will then determine if the Department of Family and Youth Services should be contacted.
• Please note that the school will be closed and locked at 5pm. The Director will have to wait with your child outside after 5pm.

When speaking of the summer program, it helps to stress the positive. For example, if you tell your child that they do not need to be afraid, they start wondering what might make them afraid at program. If you tell your child you will come back to get them if they do not like it, they think there is a possibility they will not like it and odds are they will ask to go home after you leave. At drop off, check your child in with us and say a quick goodbye, lingering makes it more difficult for your child to separate, even if they are crying. It is easier for our staff to distract and redirect your child’s attentions onto something positive if you are not there. We promise to call you if we are unable to calm your child down. We want this experience to be a happy, positive, and fun experience for your family.

If there are any special circumstances or concerns you listed on your forms that you would like to discuss further with the Program Director, please contact the Recreation office at 508-393-5034 prior.

All medications for kids must be received in their original packaging or prescription bottle. Each medication should be accompanied by an Authorization to Administer Medication Form. The name of the medication and proper dosage for the child must be clearly written on this form. All oral medications will be stored in a locked container in the first aid area by the front desk with the Director or in a locked container in the refrigerator. The only medications that Group Leaders can carry in their group’s first aid kits are epi-pens and inhalers. Any oral and other medications must be dispensed by the Health Supervisor (the Program Director) as supervised and approved by the program’s Health Care Consultant. For the safety of all, kids may not carry their own medications or keep stored in their backpacks.

The recreation summer program has a zero-violence tolerance policy. If a child physically hurts another child or staff member, the Director will call the parent and ask for the child to be picked up immediately. A behavioral incident report will be filled out. The parents will be asked to sign it and your child will be asked to leave the program for the summer.

In a non-violence behavioral incident, the parent will be asked to sign the incident report at the end of the day. Kids at the program will be asked to leave the program if they receive three incident reports. Recreation staff works very hard to keep the kids safe, busy and having fun. We do not want to send kids home. If you have any information on your child that will help us have a successful summer, please let us know ahead of time.

Is your child on an IEP or behavioral plan during the school year? If so, we kindly ask you share any tips, strategies, or information necessary for your child to have a successful experience at summer camp. This information will be reviewed by Full Time Recreation Department and implemented to the best of our abilities by camp staff. If you are more comfortable, please email us separately at or call us directly at 508-393-5034. If your child will require an aide for program, please notify the Recreation Director no later than April 1.

In the unlikely event your child requires medical attention that requires an emergency hospital visit, your child will be transported by ambulance to UMASS Worcester, at 55 North Lake Ave, Worcester, MA, 01655. The hospital’s phone number is 508-856-3511. Parents/Guardians will be notified immediately and asked to meet the Director at the hospital.

If you have questions, please contact the Recreation Office at 508-393-5034 or If you’d like to speak with the Program Director, you can call the program phone number, which will be provided on our site before program starts. Please note that this phone number changes year to year.

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Rec Summer Program Week 1- July 3rd 
N/A K - 6 WThF  07/05/2023 - 07/07/2023
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Lincoln St. Elementary School
$147.00 R, $147.00 NR
No Program on 7/3 & 7/4
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Rec Summer Program Week 2- July 10th 
N/A K - 6 MTuWThF  07/10/2023 - 07/14/2023
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Lincoln St. Elementary School
$265.00 R, $265.00 NR
   This Activity Full
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Rec Summer Program Week 3- July 17th 
N/A K - 6 MTuWThF  07/17/2023 - 07/21/2023
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Lincoln St. Elementary School
$265.00 R, $265.00 NR
   This Activity Full
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Rec Summer Program Week 4- July 24th 
N/A K - 6 MTuWThF  07/24/2023 - 07/28/2023
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Lincoln St. Elementary School
$265.00 R, $265.00 NR
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Rec Summer Program Week 5- July 31st 
N/A K - 6 MTuWThF  07/31/2023 - 08/04/2023
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Lincoln St. Elementary School
$265.00 R, $265.00 NR
   This Activity Full
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Rec Summer Program Week 6- Aug 7th 
N/A K - 6 MTuWThF  08/07/2023 - 08/11/2023
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Lincoln St. Elementary School
$265.00 R, $265.00 NR
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Rec Summer Program Week 7- Aug 14th 
N/A K - 6 MTuWThF  08/14/2023 - 08/18/2023
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Lincoln St. Elementary School
$265.00 R, $265.00 NR
* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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