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Birthday Parties, Preschool @ SW Rec Center

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For children 2-5 years old, with a parent.

Held at our SW Rec facility, 38 Southwest Cutoff (Route 20)

Lots of themes to choose from- including cooking, crafting and more! (See below.)

Please contact our office at 508-393-5034 to check availability.

Also available- K-5 Birthday parties at our Rec Center/Gym and...NEW! K-5 birthday parties at our Southwest Rec location! Party activities/options can be found here on our website!

Preschool Birthday Party Details:
As your party guests arrive, the children will enjoy free play in our Southwest Rec center. Once everyone arrives, the “main activity” that you chose for your party will begin. After the kids cook, craft, or run around, it will be time for cake and presents. We will provide use of our facility and equipment, two staff members to run the activities and clean up, supplies for the chosen activity, and printable invitations for you to send to your guests. You will need to provide the cake, paper goods and any decorations you wish to use. Once cake and present opening is over, the children will be able to enjoy unstructured play with access to the Rec Center’s equipment and toys. Please see below for the party options. Each party is tailored to YOUR child's interests. If there is a specific activity you know your child would enjoy, let us know! We will always do our best to accomodate you.

Northborough Recreation will provide the following:
-Two hour party/use of facility for 15 children (includes bday child)
-Two staff members to run/facilitate activities, setup and cleanup
-Pre-party planning/preparation with our preschool party coordinator
-Printable personalized invitations that include directions to our facility
-Personalized Happy Birthday signs for the doors to alert guests of our location
-Choice of Cooking, Crafting or Gym/Obstacle Course party theme
-Supplies for the chosen activity
-No mess at your house!

Preschool Birthday Party Options
COOKING/FOOD OPTIONS All foods will be nut-free. Tools used are kid-friendly and age appropriate.

-Decorate/Design a Birthday Cupcake or Cookie: Each child will design their own cupcake or cookie using colored frosting in decorator bottles and assorted toppings. You may choose devils food or yellow cupcakes for your party. Cookies will be sugar cookies.

-Homemade “Goldfish” Crackers: These cheese crackers are fun to make and delicious to eat. Made with pie crust dough and shredded cheese, the kids will mix the dough and cheese together and roll it out. After using cookie cutters to cut out their crackers we will cook them in the oven while they play.

-Fruit Salad and Cinnamon Chips: Want fun and healthy? With this recipe the children will sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on flour tortillas and we will bake them to make our “chips”. While the tortillas are baking they will cut up different fruits to make their own individual fruit salad. (Fruits used will depend on the season.)

-Cheese Pizza: A BIRTHDAY PARTY FAVORITE! As a group, the children will combine ingredients to make pizza dough. They will each get a piece of the dough to stretch into their own individual pizzas, adding sauce and cheese. (Toppings- pepperoni mushrooms, etc...available upon request)

-Choco Chip Mini Muffins: These mini muffins are made with cheerios and applesauce and they are delicious! The kids will crush up cheerios, mix up a yummy batter and spoon it into the muffin cups.

-“Build a Trifle”: Using cake, pudding, whipped cream, and other yummy treats the children will layer up some fun with this tasty treat. We will make the pudding together as a group and then they will make individual trifles to their own tastes. (You will have your choice of vanilla or chocolate for the pudding and devils food or yellow for the cake.)


-Painting Party: A BIRTHDAY PARTY FAVORITE! The children will have lots of fun painting and getting messy using a variety of painting brushes, sponges, rollers and other painting tools and techniques.

-Animal Masks: Children will use paint, glue and other materials to make a fun animal mask. (Masks will be attached to craft sticks so the kids can hold it in front of their faces.) You can choose which animal your party will make: elephant, tiger, lion, cat, dog or bunny.

-Holiday Crafts: Choose a holiday: Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc…and the craft will reflect that Holiday.

-Seasonal Crafts: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…the craft will reflect the chosen season.

Paper Bag Puppets: Starting with a paper bag, children will use paint, glue and other materials to make animated puppets. Choose from an owl, puppy, cat, bird, pig, mouse, frog, panda, octopus, walrus, giraffe, or penguin.

-“Sew” a Puppet: Children will use yarn to “sew” in and out of hole-punched paper to connect the two sides of their puppet. They will then use different craft materials to create a giraffe, penguin, panda or frog.

-Decorate a Frame: Using a variety of fun materials, each child will decorate a card stock frame. A picture will be taken of each child and during the free-play portion of the party they will be printed and attached to the frames.


If you choose active games for your party we will have our gym equipment set up for the kids. Activities will include an obstacle course with age appropriate gymnastics equipment and other fun games that will engage the children. Once the children have had their fill of fun on the gym equipment we will transition to different games. Here are some examples of the games we may play:

-“Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean”: The game starts with a “shark” that stands at one end of the playing area. All the other children are “fish” and they stand at the other side of the playing area. The shark calls out “Fishy Fishy cross my ocean if…” (example: If you are a boy, if you like grapes, etc….) all the "fishies" that it refers to have to run to the opposite end of the playing area without getting tagged by the shark. (Children do not have to get tagged if they do not want to.) If you are tagged, then you turn into “seaweed”. They must stand on the spot that they got tagged, and try to touch other fish as they pass by. If they do, then they too turn into seaweed. This game has variations to suit the age of the children playing.

-"What Time Is It Mr. Fox?”: Mr. Fox stands at one end of the room, the rest of the group on the other. The players call out “What is the time Mr. Fox?”, and Mr. Fox answers with an hour, (example one o’clock, ten o’clock). The players then take as many steps forward as the hour. When the players reach Mr. Fox, he may call out “Midnight!” and attempt to catch the other players before they get back to the starting line.

-“Duck, Duck, Goose!”: This classic game is always a hit.

-“Balloon Ball”: Each child will get a balloon and we play a variety of games using balloons.

-“Freeze Dance”: The music goes on and the children all dance. The music goes off and they…FREEZE! The kids will dance in all sorts of silly ways during this game.

-“Beanbag Fun”: The children will play a variety of games involving beanbags.

-"Parachute Games": A BIRTHDAY PARTY FAVORITE! Using our parachute and some balls we will play a variety of parachute games.

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